Semester 10 - Core Courses

Homiletics - Preaching For Impact trains pastors in how to powerfully impact lives through their messages.  In this course, Dr. Cliff provides essential tools for preparing and delivering messages that reach both the heart and mind, and result in changed behavior and changed lives.   Each session provides clear, practical, step-by-step instruction in the skills that produce effective, dynamic messages.  Some of the subjects covered include:  Organizing and Writing a Dynamic Sermon; the Importance of Character and Anointing; the Effective Use of Illustrations;  Choosing  Relevant Topics and Passages;  Keys to Powerful, Memorable Sermons;  and Effective Altar Calls.

Church growth is rarely spontaneous. Instead, it usually happens in response to leaders who pursue growth through vision and strategic planning. In Strategies for Church Growth, Rev. David A. Macfarlane draws from decades of experience to present five fundamental church-growth strategies, as well as practical, tried-and-true methods for implementing them in any church. These strategies were at the core of success for the original first-century church, and are still essential for healthy, growing churches today.

In Church Administration Rev. Gomez begins by clearly explaining the strength that proper administration brings to a church and the foundation it sets for sustained and significant church growth. The church needs structure to accommodate all that God wants to do and to undergird the vision God has given the church. Pastor Gomez covers important subjects in a clear, concise, and interesting presentation, including strategic planning, church culture, staffing and personnel, team building, developing the people God has given you, change management, leadership principles, the importance of clear communication, conflict resolution, and other crucial subjects.

Anyone who enters ministry risks burnout. Pastors and church staff who are passionate about their ministry work long hours and often see the lines between their ministry and personal lives blurred. In this course, Re. David Arrol Macfarlane presents ten guidelines which will help avoid burnout. Based on Scripture and practical application, these guidelines will help everyone who is engaged in ministry to run the race to completion and to achieve the plans and purposes which God has for their lives.