Semester 11 Core Courses

In this Church History Rev. Cline covers each major era of church history from the foundational events which birthed and influenced the early church through the many transitions and periods up until today. When we study the history of the Church, we are looking at the extension of Christ's Kingdom in the earth. Citing major church figures and influences throughout history, Stacy brings to light important lessons for today’s church. This history gives students a clear view of where the church has come from and where it is headed. It creates a motivating vision of the systematic advancement of the Kingdom of God and the fulfillment of Christ's commitment to build His church in every generation.

Rev. Dick Grout draws from his many years as a worship leader and teacher with Elim Fellowship to provide an excellent beginner’s guide for the subject of worship and the worship service. Beginning with a strong foundation regarding the motivation and heart of the worship leader, Rev. Grout covers both the spiritual and the practical aspects of leading the people of God into worship.

Every believer needs power for living the Christian life, for growing, and for sharing their faith. In fact, Jesus wouldn't let His disciples begin their mission without this power. It is often referred to as the baptism in the Holy Spirit and comes through being filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit and through His gifts operating in our lives. In this course, Rev. Frank Parish provides the biblical foundation for understanding the Holy Spirit and His work in our lives, focusing on what is often referred to as the "Manifestation Gifts" found in the New Testament. These gifts include (1) Gifts related to speech - Tongues; the Interpretation of Tongues; and Prophecy, (2) Gifts related to receiving revelation - A Word of Wisdom; A Word of Knowledge; the Discerning of Spirits, and (3) Gifts of Ability - the Gift of Faith; Gifts of Healing; Working of Miracles. Rev. Parish shows how these gifts are real and operating today and that they are available for every believer who desires them.

In Signs and Wonders, Dr. Ron Burgio lays out the scriptural basis for an expectation of miracles, healings, and the supernatural, in the church today and in the life of every believer.  He illustrates this truth with examples from both the Bible and his own life and ministry.  Dr. Burgio also shares ways in which we can create an environment where miracles are welcome and the Holy Spirit is free to work.  This includes a faith-filled atmosphere, where we believe and speak God’s promises, where we resist unbelief, and where we guard the proper attitudes.  This course will greatly encourage your belief in God doing the miraculous in and through you, and will help you activate your faith.