Semester Six - Core Courses

Leadership skills are developed over time. Becoming a great leader depends on what we learn and how we apply it. In Leadership Toolbox, we will learn how to create a vision, value contributions, develop leaders, encourage change, defend the ministry, and handle opposition.

In Biblical Ethics Rev. Paul Johansson provides believers with a biblical moral compass enabling them to establish godly standards in every area of their lives. This is not just a list of "do's and "don'ts" but principles and guidelines for living, based on the moral example and teachings of Jesus. As we work to please God in our choices, we are both led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. The ethics of the New Testament focus more on our attitudes and the motives out of which godly actions can come. This course establishes a biblical framework from which the student is able to draw scriptural answers and conclusions based on scripture. Sometimes these conclusions and the application to current issues may run contrary to societal norms, which is part of being salt and light in the world. In a day and time where "anything goes" and society is losing its way, Rev. Paul offers a refreshingly firm, clear, foundation for moral decisions and how to live.

In Leadership Challenges' Rev. Ball covers some of the most significant challenges that face all leaders. No matter where they lead, or in what capacity, one thing that all leaders have in common is that they will have to address the challenges of handling people. These include the difficult themes of managing change and managing conflict resolution effectively. Pastor Ball brings many years of experience to these issues and includes practical examples and illustrations to help students be competent leaders as they manage change and conflict.

" Many Christian leaders are not reaching their own families and are losing them to the influences of the world around them. Our job is to lay hold of Biblical principles, employ them in our own families, and then teach and train people in our congregations to do the same. Then we will see a legacy of blessing continue." Rev. Kathy Barton, The Christian Family In The Christian Family, Rev. Barton returns biblical definitions of family, fatherhood, and discipline to the Christian conversation of legacy and blessing. Through biblical examples and scriptural references, the father's role in the family is established as the "the one God designated to show His nature and character.” The Christian Family defines Gods view of children and gives biblical direction on their training and disciplining. Admonition, nurturing and chastening is discussed in practical detail. Finally, Rev. Barton sets the record straight on love and discipline, championing their eternal importance. The Christian Family re-establishes God the Father as the final authority on family relationships and unflinchingly maintains biblical principles as relevant for every culture and every age of human history.