Semester 9 Core Courses

With so much conflict in the world, it is easy for us to become depressed and maybe even want to “give up.”  The Book of Hebrews speaks to the early believers because they faced similar situations and were tempted to “throw in the towel. ”Hebrews is a thesis on a new way of living that will help us when we become weary. Five times we are advised not to give up. The door through the cross to the Throne of God has been opened by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Now we can boldly include our name in Hebrews 11 as men and women of faith."

Biblical Social Justice is an interview-style course based on Rev. Rodriquez's book The Lamb's Agenda: Why Jesus Is Calling You to a Life of Righteousness and Justice. Referenced and quoted by numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, Rev. Rodriquez reveals the crucial connection between biblical social justice and spiritual righteousness. Getting back to the basics of Christianity means extending our efforts simultaneously in the vertical direction of God and the horizontal direction of our neighbors.

Church growth begins with an important observation: healthy things grow. It should be natural and expected for every church to grow. However, church growth is not automatic. It is the result of leaders who pursue growth and a spirit of excellence, who present vision and goals, and who help establish core values in the church which encourage growth. Growing churches are led by growing leaders who understand that the church must be prepared for the growth that God brings.

In his course, The Character of a Leader, Rev. Richard Hinojosa provides an in-depth look at the characteristics which make for godly, effective leadership.  A successful leader is a listener, an encourager, someone who is accountable, diligent, enthusiastic, self-controlled and a person of prayer.  He is someone who has integrity, leads by example, and has an accurate self-image. Rev. Hinojosa also deals with the many obstacles and challenges that face a leader including:  guarding your attitudes; submitting to authority; maintaining people’s respect and guarding your relationships.  Additionally, Brother Hinojosa provides life-changing, practical tools such as “four pride busters;” “understanding the grasshopper cycle;” and “keys of leading in life.” This is a course from which every leader can benefit.