Semester 5 Core Courses

In Pastoral Care Rev. Ball covers the most important attitudes and ministry that lead to excellent care of a congregation: The Pastor’s Conviction – People Really Matter, The Calling of the Pastor, The Character of the Pastor, The Greatest Challenge, The Pastor’s Credibility, and Leadership Styles. He also covers many practical aspects of pastoral care, including the ordinances – baptism, baby dedications, communion, counseling, hospital visitation, weddings, and funerals.

Introduction to Biblical Counseling presents the basics that will enable people who seek to give counsel and advice to others. This includes practical principles such as: knowing when to listen and when to speak, listening techniques, understanding people’s pain, and brokenness, avoiding arrogance and pride, and showing love and care before sharing knowledge. At the same time, Rev. Barton teaches the counselor to guard against issues that are not always obvious: understanding that some people don’t want help, not putting more energy into helping someone than they put into helping themselves, watching for a victim mentality, and working toward too much change at a realistic pace-using little steps. Additionally, the course deals with the power of deception vs. the power of truth and the necessity to challenge lies that destroy people’s lives. This is achieved through the truths and promises of God’s word, which tell us who we are in Christ and what God is able to accomplish in and through us.

The importance of middle leadership is often overlooked, neglected, or taken for granted. In Leading When You’re Not the Boss, Rev. Andy Zack addresses the middle directly. Speaking from years of experience as an associate pastor at Love Joy Church in Lancaster New York, Rev. Zack covers the keys to successful and fulfilling leadership in support of the head leader’s vision and authority. This unique teaching is an excellent tool to encourage and empower pastoral and lay staff and to further strengthen their relationship with the head leader.

In this course on Wisdom Literature, Dr. Fount Shults brings deep biblical insight from over forty years of studying and teaching the Bible, coupled with a thorough knowledge of the Hebrew language and culture.  Dr. Shults not only provides a valuable overview of each of the "Wisdom" books, but also takes students to new depths of understanding and uncovers practical principles for a balanced and successful life.  "Wisdom Literature" covers the books of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Songs.