Dr. Brick Cliff's Empowered Leadership series equips Christian workers with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully influence and lead others - leading by example in the areas of character, power, godly living, and exhibiting positive attitudes even during challenging times. Part One of the series includes characteristics of successful leaders; using our words to influence others; and principles for overcoming temptation.

In Theology II Dr. Webster continues to expound the most important aspects of Christian belief and theology in an interesting and exciting fashion. This course covers the subjects of man, sin, and salvation. Man is created in the image of God and is made up of body, soul, and spirit. Through rebellion and sin man fell and broke his relationship with God profoundly affecting every area of his life and being. God’s answer is salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ. In the same way that sin negatively affected every area of man’s being and resulted in death, salvation restores all that was broken and leads to incredible life.

The Ministry of Helps is vital to the fundamental operation of the local church and lays a biblically-based foundation for a structured and organized helps ministry which can transform churches, win souls and change lives. In this course, Dr. Buddy Bell defines the Ministry of Helps and lays the scriptural foundation for this gift's purpose and application in strengthening the body of Christ. Dr. Bell gives examples of the Ministry of Helps during Jesus' ministry on earth and how the disciples functioned in this gifting at various times. An entire session is focused on the relationship between the pastor and the church from both points of view and on the description of each particular role in the relationship. Finally, our instructor addresses the fear of leadership, organization, and structure that some members of the body have developed over time. He gives scriptural examples of God's purpose in each of these social applications.

Major Themes of the Old Testament is full of rich, insightful teaching. Dr. Shults brings scripture to life with subjects like the fatherhood of God, the long-suffering of God in the Old Testament, and God’s original plan for mankind. Dr. Shults outlines the Old Testament’s integration into the Bible as a whole, emphasizing the description of God’s plan for salvation, the coming Messiah, and the Old Testament’s relevance in our modern society.