Semester Twelve - Core Courses

The church at Corinth was a gifted church which had some challenging internal problems. These included both personal and church-wide sin, disagreements over important doctrine, and conflict between various groups within the church. The letters to the Corinthians were written by the Apostle Paul to deal with these problems and bring help and healing to the church. In this course, Dr. Bruce Garner explains how the wisdom and principles of these letters can be applied today. 1 & 2 Corinthians present practical solutions to problems of Church unity, morality and discipline, financial integrity, and speaks of the supreme importance of love in the church.

In his course on Youth Ministry, Rev. Abram Gomez challenges churches and pastors to have a vibrant vision for reaching youth. He then lays the foundation for a powerful, effective ministry that reaches the youth in the church as well as in the surrounding community. He makes it clear that God is always reaching out to the next generation of young people, and wants to work in their lives while they are still very young. It is the job of the older generation to mentor and train up the next generation to become leaders. Rev. Gomez covers many important subjects such as characteristics and qualifications of a youth pastor; what a healthy ministry looks like; what a successful youth ministry can accomplish; youth outreach; disciple-making; building community; raising up youth leaders; and many other important subjects.

Believers should see children through the eyes of Jesus. Through natural eyes, we see children as small in size, knowledge, wisdom, and experience.  However, Jesus sees them as models of Kingdom greatness; honest in their humility, simple in their faith, and pure in their praise. In Children’s Ministry, Rev. Matthew Drew teaches the principles and practices for successfully ministering to kids.