In The Acts of the Apostles, Rev. Paul Johansson examines the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, as a divinely inspired guide for church growth. Starting with a vivid perspective of the early church and combining it with his own extensive experience, Rev Johansson gives both positive and negative case-study style examples of church planting and maturing, as well as the many difficulties that can come with growing the body of Christ. 

A strong, healthy marriage is an integral part of the creation and development of a Godly family. Rev. Stacey Cline thoroughly covers God's plan for marriage from its definition and preparation, to living in love, healthy communication, and sexuality.

In Psalm 139 David said, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Each person in the Body of Christ is also, and as we walk in obedience to the Word of God under the direction of the Holy Spirit we will find our gifts and be able to function in them with great joy and fruitfulness. In The Ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit, we learn that our value is not determined by our gifts or measure of faith but by who we are in Christ. We need each other's gifts and all are equally valuable. We have different parts to play in the advance of God's Kingdom, but we are one Body.

In Embracing a Multi-Generational Environment, Rev. Ball challenges congregations to nurture a vision of church and ministry that embraces not only the current generation but also the up-and-coming generation. Each generation has its own challenges, outlooks, strengths, and weaknesses. However, when the generations learn to understand each other and work together, they create the path to a successful future. Everyone understands that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. However, in ever greater numbers they are turning away from the church – feeling disconnected, disillusioned, and alienated. They are looking for authenticity, involvement, and honest communication. Rev. Ball outlines principles and a plan to help the current generation understand and interact with the new generation - a plan not only to keep them in the church but also to raise them into leadership. This course includes several topics: the complexity of living in the world today, the spiritual journey of Millennials, eight ways to raise up young leaders, four characteristics to look for in Second Generation Leaders, and lessons for Second Generational Leaders in relating to current leaders.

In Spiritual Leadership Rev. Joshua Finley covers the four foundational areas of growth and maturity for success as a leader.  He looks in depth at the advantages that come from developing healthy relationships, growing strong physically and mentally, and learning to draw close to God for guidance and strength.  Rev. Finley also challenges leaders in each area and lays out a path for growth.