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Explosive Growth! November Africa Trip

Explosive Growth! November Africa Trip

by Webmaster Shepherd -
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Pray for N2NCU! Starting November 5th an N2NCU team is heading back to Africa until November 17th. The team will be starting new schools in Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, and Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.  We will also get to see over 400 of our students' graduate!


 Nation-2-Nation Christian University, is a faith-based, non-profit organization that provides training for pastors all over the world, even in hard to reach places like South Sudan and refugee camps. We’re currently in 32 countries, with 10,000 students and graduates.

Dr. Brick Cliff and teams visit Africa at least once a year (occasionally more) for 3 important reasons.

1. Encouraging all of our directors, facilitators, and students. Regularly visiting and encouraging our schools is the most important thing for them to progress well.

2. Attending a number of graduations. This is the best recruiting tool that we have to bring in new students. This is where the people attending learn about and become excited about N2N.

3. Bringing in equipment for more schools. We expect to have a team of 10, each carrying a minimum of two projectors. Each projector is good for training 15 to 20 pastors. Each pastor is likely to bring 50 or more people to faith in Christ in the next few years after going through our school. 

This means that we’re going to be able to reach over 400 pastors, which will immediately result in 5,000 lives being impacted for eternity in the next two years. In five years, we’ve seen 860,230 people in East Africa receive Christ as their Savior.

These pastors will also be receiving training to transform their communities, helping to bring them out of poverty and disease, and turning their local church into a community and resource center for the surrounding area. 

EXPLOSIVE GROWTH  |  This is an extraordinary time for the ministry – a time of incredible open doors. Excited pastors, hungry for God’s word, are spreading N2N schools across Africa like wildfire! For many pastors, this school is the answer to years of praying for an impossible dream – a Bible College education and a degree.

These pastors are astonished when they hear about N2N – a school that removes all the barriers: cost, location and travel, time, etc. They are also amazed at the training which gives them the tools to become community leaders – bringing both spiritual and practical change.